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Our organization is different in many ways.  First, we are a world-wide training school.  We have offices in fourteen countries with more opening every month.  We are, also, authorized by the Department of Defense, CAGE CODE 5GHB5 , and the United Nations, DUNS# 830230822.  This authorizes us to bid internationally to accept contracts to train SELF-DEFENSE to law enforcement departments and military in other countries.  

The main thing we do differently than any other combatives trainer is we train you in the privacy of your own home.   Each instructor has a "virtual dojo" from which we meet and help train not only our students, but those that wish to become instructors also.  Thus, we can train people hundreds, or even thousands of miles away from our closest physical office.  We have over 600 training videos.  You watch and imitate and we make certain you are well trained.

Our Philosophy

I spent several years as a youth and young adult studying three different Japanese Martial Arts.  I was told that I had to spend many hours and many years moving through the "belts" ranks of the various arts.  In fact, for a couple of years I spent 3-4 hours/day four to six days each week.  

Later, as I got deeper into Law Enforcement, I learned the moves that I learned and practiced many times did not work well in the streets.  Those people were trying to injure me instead of trying to win a trophy.  

For the last several years of law enforcement,  I have been teaching civilians and law enforcement many of these "self-defense" moves.  I later learned better and expanded these classes via the Self Defense Training System.  I now offer you the information I have learned in fifty years of my life and the combined learning of SDTS instructors around the world.  Look around the website to find out more.

 Awards and Promotions

NRA Certifications

  • Instructor - Basic Pistol Shooting
  • Instructor - Refuse to be a Victim
  • Instructor/Chief - Range Safety Officer

Other Certifications

  • TX DPS Instructor -  Licence to Carry (Handgun)
  • Certified Instructor Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

I am a Diplomate and Board certified Expert in Traumatic Stress by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 

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